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Waste Management

We are proud to offer both residential and commercial waste management services in the Greater Los Angeles area. If you are looking for help removing large objects that won’t fit in a dumpster or a personal vehicle, such as furniture or appliance removal, we are here to help. We will also take on dangerous or difficult cleaning projects, such as those involving biohazardous waste and e-Waste. Additionally, we will help to clean storm debris from your yard and leave your property looking great!

Furniture Removal

Got a large couch or dining table that you just can’t seem to (or don’t want to) move? We offer furniture removal services, and you can always trust E.L. Cleanup for your Los Angeles furniture hauling needs. We will take care to remove furniture without damaging your home. We have the best materials possible and an expertly trained staff to help you move big furniture and haul it away.

Tree Removal

Here at E.L. Cleanup and Removal, we can do it all! We are landscaping experts and we will help to remove trees from yards and still keep your lawn in good shape. We will also remove any debris that may arise during the removal. We will extract any unwanted trees from your lawn, down to the roots. We take on any tree, big or small!

Stump Grinding

Even after you cut a tree, the stump will remain. Tree stumps act as unsightly blemishes on even the most well-manicured of lawns. We offer stump grinding services to remove tripping hazards and stray roots from your yard. Call us today for expert tree stump removal!

Dirt Removal & Drop Off

Dirt and other yard debris are daunting to take on and many of us don’t posess the tools needed for dirt removal. If you have recently been digging or planting trees and have leftover dirt in your yard, we will clean it up for you. We also offer dirt and debris drop off services for your convenience.

House/Garage Clean Out

Do you have that one room in your house that just seems to accumulate old furniture, stray papers, and other junk? Is your garage full of unnecessary items and trash? We offer house clean out services; if you have bought a fixer-upper, are in the process of moving houses, or just have an accumulation of items you want to have removed, we are here to help. We will clean your house or empty your garage neatly and efficiently.

Yard Waste Removal

Whether it’s storm debris, logging and land clearing, or leftover waste from landscaping, we offer the yard waste removal services you’re looking for! Increase your curb appeal and open up space in your yard with our waste removal and hauling services. We will remove any clutter from your yard and leave you with a clean lawn. Contact us for all of your yard waste removal services today!

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